Back to school

Though I'm not officially a grad student yet, yes, I'm going back to school again!

Taking a PhD? Nope, I'm taking my second Master, something I've never imagined before. And guess where? Master of Science in Management School of Business and Management ITB!

Oh God, what have I done with my life? To myself? *O*

To take a second Master means another 2 years (though it's a 18-months program) before PhD. Then why on earth did I decide to take this? 

E~verybody gives me that question. Only God knows the ultimate answer. To be honest, even now, I can't say that I'm ready 100% to study about science management since I have to reset my 'life science' orientation to another field which is new for me. I doubt myself and I don't know for how much longer I will feel like this. 

Part of me is still engaged to laboratory research, but another part wants freedom. Yes, there were times when I felt so much under-pressured during my last research, which drove me to search info about career alternatives in science. I found a nice booklet on ScienceMag titled "Careers Away from the Bench" which brought new insight about world outside laboratory. Science provides broader spectrum of career than, simply said, research scientist. "So my life in science won't end just because I want to get out from the lab", inspired. 

Then the vision got blurred. I went back home and applied for several PhD position related to microbial secondary metabolite, but... failed (God's plan? Must be.). At the same time, I got hooked with technology transfer (because of reading newspaper everyday) and felt that perhaps I can play my role there. Lack of adequate knowledge made me think, "Should I take another Master?". 

As you might guess, the transition is not that easy. There's a feeling of insecurity and fear to lose what I have enjoyed for all these years. I do love microbiology research work, thus wanted to be an expert in that field. However, on the other side I don't want to be a mere scientist whose work won't eventually bring any benefit to the society. Worse thing is that's exactly the weakest point in Indonesia. Results from university research mostly end in the library, without any effort to make it real and useful for the society and environment. I see it as a consequence of the absence of a firm cooperation between university, business, and government. 

How can I take part to change the situation?

By having knowledge in management, I hope to find the right key to help solving the condition bit by bit, to promote research as a strong support to build Indonesia. In this country, research has never been taken into account when it comes to make one decision, either in the government or industries. Research is still seen as a time-consuming and high-cost process, thus placed in the least priority. Sad. Without research, this nation will always be consumer, because it can't produce any invention or innovation. 

Likely my part will not be in the lab research anymore, but more as a facilitator for research scientist to increase their bargaining position in the triple helix  scheme (academia, industry, and government). Someone needs to open the way, right? So that, lab researches have greater chance to be taken into realization and bring benefit the society and environment.

Sounds ideal? Well, it's my nature to be an idealist person. LOL. Of course a dream must be ideal because it becomes your vision, your goal, your driving force. Something that can pull you to get closer to your destination. Without an ideal figure, you won't achieve something spectacular. Perhaps you'll never able to optimize your true ability. 

Enough with idealism. Back to reality. Now, I'm already in my second week of matriculation class. Still adapting though, but giving my best. Yosh! Science management, wait for me to conquer you!

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