end-of-year note 2012

Wow! Time flew so fast! It's already been a year since my 2011 end-of-year note. Though I didn't post many this year, my days were, believe me, not dull at all. Actually my life has transformed in a way I couldn't predict when I entered 2012. Also to imagine how I would end it was also not in my mind. 

I say this year (and so will the next 2 years) as a year of reorientation. If you have read my previous posts, you might know what I'm talking about. 

I set my life to be a research scientist. Even in junior high, I imagined myself wearing a white coat, working around laboratory benches. Though I didn't know name of the profession, the vision was clear. Yet, I didn't have any clue how I would achieve it. 

Then the path began to shape. At high school, I competed in the selection for International Biology Olympiad team representing Indonesia. I managed to pass until the last round in which I eventually failed. Nonetheless, I became a biology admirer and decided to take it as my major in university. In brief, yes, I was accepted as a student majoring Biology and enjoyed what I did very much. I even took my master in Biology (microbiology, errr, no, more to chemistry actually).

That was when the doubt came. Silently. 

Well, you can read the story here, so I won't waste my time explaining (that if, you're interested to know anyway :p). My INFJ personality is getting clearer. My idealism is getting stronger. Though the goal is still the same, I'm choosing different path. There are many ways to Rome indeed.

The fact that I'm feeling richer now than ever before IS the main thing I'm grateful for this year. I learn to wear many hats, to see from many sides. To have wider, and in the same time, deeper view. To be a complete individual. And by that, I know I will be wiser. 

This year means a lot in my journey of life. The romance part also, of course. 

I had a short (only two weeks) acquaintance with my friend's friend. Very weird story I can tell, but his unique past made me realize that my life so far was 'ordinary'. The ups and downs were just the usual dynamics of life. It was never far from the baseline, which I'm also grateful for.

I don't know whether this also a romance story or not. But, I fell in love with an author at the moment I read his book. Sounds ridiculous, uh? Despite his good looking (should I say handsome instead? :D), his way of thinking and the values he holds attracted me the most. I felt like I have found the other me. Even some of his words were the words I wrote before in this blog.

"Love" maybe too much since I haven't met him in person. He even doesn't know I'm exist. But, hey, it's worth the prayer right?

What else? O yeah, I made some new good friends while still in contact with the old ones. Friends are everywhere. Let your heart choose those who will be your good mates. The rule is if you want to be good, be friends with good people. They will make you closer to God and not afraid to criticize your wrongdoings. 

I almost forgot. This year marked the first time in my history of life that I had to be hospitalized because of typhoid (and a kind of unknown virus). 6-days at hospital plus a week at home were more than enough. Very valuable lesson to always take care of my health. Hope there will be no second time. 

The Mayan prediction has been proven wrong. 2013 is already around the corner. It IS going to come. Just like tomorrow after today, night after day, new year is actually a mere daily certainty. Nothing is more special because tomorrow is always special. It says hope and optimism, of course, if we are ready to face it. If not, it will fade away and bring no difference in our life as the sun sets at the end of the day. 

In the upcoming year, I do hope for happiness for my parents, for myself, for my friends, for my teachers, for all muslims and betterment for Islam, for Indonesia, and for the world. A hope to be part of the fortunates whose tomorrow is better than today.  

Let us prepare ourselves for any surprises tomorrow will bring.  

P.S.: Now I'm more active in Twitter (@mutiarasidharta) than Facebook. I guess, that's also news, eh? :D

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