Hello, 2024!

Hello, 2024!

It's already the first six days of new year. How time flies, yet I haven't made any resolutions. Not that I haven't tried to make one. I just found it kind of useless since I'm not strict to schedule nor target person. Post graduation from master program and got married with three children, I finally realize that my internal motivation is so low. I used to reach targets decided from external (school, university), but not making and achieving my own targets.

As I read through my 2023 planner, in the beginning I set 13 goals for 8 aspects, but only managed to accomplished 2 at the end! Those are also not perfect because of my inconsistency. Can you see how poor I am?

I was just running my daily routines, including doing house chores, being Mika's teacher, picking up Milie from school, taking her and Mika to swimming lesson, and doing groceries. I didn't make daily to-do list. I never evaluate my targets. 

I tried to start exercise, but it stopped on the fourth day. I tried to count intake calories, but just too lazy to take notes.

What made me more miserable was somehow (and I also don't know the reason) I felt like having so little time to write. MaGaTa was not active for a year. I skipped KLIP. This blog was dusty again although one year before I was so energized and decided to have paid domain. 

Despite the downside of my 2023, I tried to list several points of personal achievement. Hopefully when I look back, I can find something to be proud of. I'm able to say I was still improving even slightly. 

  • I volunteer in PhD Mama Indonesia (Instagram content creator) and Rumaisa Sabiila (caption editor). 
  • I wrote 4 articles in MGN website (mamahgajahngeblog.com)
  • My article in Alumnia magazine will be published soon in January. This marks my first paid article!   
  • I drive car regularly and it's LIBERATING.
  • I managed to finish one semester with Mika's lessons from Biruni Playschool.
I will use my 2023 planner this year and try to reach last year targets, while renewing it. Just pray I won't stop in March. Finger crossed!

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